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Quarterly Advanced
Environmental Trauma
Assessment Tests


Quarterly Advanced
Metabolic Assessment Tests

Plus… 1 Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Trauma Test


Custom infoceutical protocol recommendations each month based on your individual bioenergetic test scans


Guided meditations from our expert team of energetic medicine practitioners based on your monthly BioEnergetic Scans


Detailed dietary recommendations from our team of practitioners for those eliminating environmental toxins from the body 


Custom lifestyle and exercise recommendations based on your BioEnergetic Scans. Plus more detailed lifestyle and dietary recommendations from our team of practitioners for those eliminating environmental toxins from the body.

Exclusive offers to attend Dr. V’s Inner Circle online Healing Mastery Masterminds

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“Before I started Dr. V’s program in November of last year (2022), I wasn’t in good shape.

I am so grateful for this program, it has been a life saver for me. I am in better shape now and more able to navigate life with all its seasons. While there is still more to go, I will always keep going. Thank you Dr. V and everyone for this program!”

Teresa P.

“…My improvements are weight loss, my heart risk went from 85% down to 5%, I now have healthy bowel motions, I have more energy, brain alertness & focus, and I am thinking more positively.

I am also able to deal with stress better, I am more relaxed & calm, speaking my truth, standing up for myself, and I am stronger & fitter and more easily making friends, trusting & loving myself…”

Robyn B.

I had given up hope of Finding a solution for my myriad concerns by going to traditional MDs. I read all of the wonderful testimonials of people who had their issues solved by Modern Holistic Health practitioners.

Taking the total tox bundle lab tests, which most MDs think is a waste of time, proved to be very enlightening, and I found that I had mold in my body…”

Susan P.

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