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Healing From Trauma Only Gets Better From Here…
If you joined us live, we want to thank you for making this masterclass series such a special experience.
But remember, the end of the live sessions doesn’t mean the end of your journey!

What if you could revisit your biggest “aha!” moments if you feel yourself slipping back into anxiety, depression, pain, and other chronic symptoms?

Which live episodes did you miss that you wish you had attended?

And most importantly… How many people do you know and love who need to hear what was shared in this series?

The Mastering Trauma Masterclass Series just started you on a journey that can heal not only your own life but also the lives of those around you.

Now, for a limited time, we’re offering you the chance to deepen your understanding, cement your breakthroughs, and share these cutting-edge teachings with your loved ones.

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Research Shows That When You Understand How Trauma Affects the Body & Mind, You Can Have Better Health Outcomes

…So why not take this opportunity to deepen your understanding?

If you experience chronic health issues like GI disorders, autoimmunity, joint pain, neurodegenerative diseases, trouble sleeping, allergies, fatigue, mood disorders, and other symptoms that don’t respond to changes you’re making…

Then it’s time to slow down, stop masking the symptoms, and continue to look at the ROOT cause.

Unresolved trauma can trigger endocrine and immune problems, including chronic autoimmune illnesses, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and even cancer.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Trauma can heighten stress hormones in the body, which when left unmanaged can lead to chronic health conditions such as depression or heart disease

Canada’s Nova Scotia Health Authority

Trauma that is experienced during childhood can lead to higher chances of engaging in negative health behaviors, like smoking or drug use

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

If you joined us live for our first episode, you know it doesn’t matter how “big” or “small” your trauma is…

Which means the path to wellness is not a short sprint, it’s a lifelong marathon.

In fact, what you take away from the 5-Part Trauma Masterclass today might be wildly different from what you take away from it six months from now as you continue to heal.

The good news is, owning the entire series means you can take your time…

Rewind and revisit when you need to…

Share these life-changing teachings with family and friends who need support…

Or even new protocols later down the line that you might not get to right away.

Thousands of People Are Using Dr. Villanueva’s Holistic Approach to Release Their Past

I have so much gratitude for Dr. V’s program. My self confidence & standing up for myself has grown. Exercise & muscle strengthening is a daily activity.

I have also learned that you can heal & optimize your health, whatever age, as long as you dedicate yourself to the processes that actually are effective for healing and vitality.

– Robyn B., February 2023

I want to give a shout out to Dr. V and her amazing team for the approach to healing and health they have created that is helping me when nothing else has. The way Dr. V curates her team of practitioners to collaborate together to help people address all the root causes of their symptoms and conditions by addressing our minds, beliefs, our unprocessed emotions (and trauma), our connection to our body, AND doing lab testing and even genetic testing…. and teaching us how to put it all together is simply amazing and it works!

– Deb Y., May 2023

I must give a shout out to MHH, Dr. V, and all the coaches and staff! You are all awesome and most importantly REALLY care that we get well, get to the root causes of our issues, and for some of us literally suffering years of illness finally get to feeling well again and taking control of our lives!

– Missy D., May 2023

What Makes the 5-Part Mastering Trauma
Masterclass Series Different?

Unlike most trauma recovery resources that only focus on mental health and conventional treatments that overlook trauma’s impact on physical symptoms, this Masterclass Series is about healing the whole person.

Dr. Villanueava recognizes the far-reaching effects of trauma on our bodies, emotions, relationships, and spiritual well-being, and integrates these aspects into a powerful, unified roadmap to health unlike any other.

Finally, Get Answers to Questions Like…

“Why do I always feel tired and drained, even after plenty of rest?”
“Why am I often in physical pain, even though I haven’t injured myself or done strenuous activities?”
“Why won’t my body release excess weight, even though I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do?”

“Why does my stomach always hurt, despite eating a healthy diet and following my doctor’s advice?”

“Why do I often get headaches, feel dizzy, or get brain fog — even when I’m not stressed or working too hard?”

“Why do I have trouble sleeping, even when I’m not worrying or thinking about anything specific?”

This is your opportunity to dig deeper than modern medicine and finally decode your body’s distress signals, connect the dots between physical symptoms and emotional trauma, and implement healing strategies that cater to your entire being, not just isolated parts of it.


You Save $100!

Here’s Everything You Get Inside the 5-Part Mastering
Trauma Masterclass Series Bundle

Lifetime Access to All 5 Mastering Trauma
Masterclass Series Episodes

The Truth About Trauma
(And Why You Should Care)

Prepare to be shocked as we unveil the untold truths about trauma and its profound impact on your life. Discover why understanding and addressing trauma is not just important, but absolutely essential for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Why Your Mental Health & Physical
Health Are Being Hijacked

Uncover the alarming ways in which even “small” traumatic events hijack both your mental and physical health, leaving you trapped, suffering, and often unaware of the effects until it’s too late. Get ready to take back control, restore harmony, and reclaim your vitality.

Why Past Trauma Is Making You Sicker

Dive deep into the often misunderstood connection between unresolved past trauma and its relentless grip on your physical well-being. Learn how to break the chains of trauma and unleash a new era of vibrant, sustainable health.

How Environmental Trauma Impacts
Your Biology & DNA

Discover the astonishing truth about how environmental trauma infiltrates your very DNA, shaping your biology and influencing your destiny. Unleash the power to rewrite your genetic blueprint and rise above the scars of your past.

Putting the Pieces Together for Total
and Complete Healing

Dr. Villanueva reveals her most groundbreaking approach to holistic healing, transcending the boundaries of traditional methods. Discover how integrating mind, body, and spirit paves the way to ultimate transformation and a life brimming with profound healing and fulfillment.

2 Unaired Bonus Episodes With
Renowned Trauma Experts

Get exclusive insights into the minds of top trauma experts with these bonus episodes. Uncover additional perspectives, techniques, and inspirations that can powerfully complement Dr. Villanueva’s teachings in your healing journey.

Searchable Text PDF Transcripts of the
Entire Masterclass Series

3D Transcripts

With a fully searchable digital transcript, you can swiftly revisit key topics, quotes, and protocols that resonate with you. It’s the perfect tool for quick reminders and deeper reflections without having to rewatch or re-listen!

Audio Version of the Mastering Trauma
Masterclass Series

Audio - MTM v2

Tune into the audio version of the Masterclass during your daily commute, while you work out, or even as you relax in the evening.

Absorb this life-changing knowledge in a way that fits seamlessly into your everyday life!

Companion Integration Workbook (Printable)

MTM v2 Workbook 3D cover 05

Consider this your practical guide through the Mastering Trauma Masterclass Series!

Complementing Dr. Villanueva’s teachings, this printable workbook includes note-taking space, reflection exercises, and actionable tools.

Use this guide to enhance your understanding and engagement, and turn your Masterclass experience into a personalized, immersive healing journey.

It’s Time to Turn Your Pain Into Power
With Unlimited Access to the 5-Part Mastering
Trauma Masterclass Series



You Save $100!

This 5-Part Mastering Trauma Masterclass Series Is For You If:

Your Breakthrough Has Only Just Begun…

The first step is becoming aware of what’s really going on under the surface. Next, you get to arm yourself with the knowledge, strategies, and support to move through the hidden, tangled layers of trauma impacting your body, mind, and spirit.

You are embarking on a healing journey that can lead to deeper understanding, more compassion, newfound resilience, and the ability to release the grip of trauma on your life.

With the 5-Part Mastering Trauma Masterclass Series Bundle, you have an opportunity to uncover and revisit insights that could change your understanding of your health, the way you interact with the world, and ultimately — the course of your life.

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You Save $100!

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The 5-Part Mastering Trauma Masterclass Series uniquely integrates mental, emotional, and physical health, going beyond conventional methods. It's led by Dr. Villanueva, who recognizes trauma's wide-ranging impacts, and offers a holistic, comprehensive approach to healing.
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